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  1. Introduction to mechatronic design

    Carryer, J. Edward
    Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2011.

    Introduction to Mechatronic Design is ideal for upper level and graduate Mechatronics courses in Electrical, Computing, or Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. ' Unlike other texts on mechatronics that focus on derivations and calculations, Introduction to Mechatronics, 1e, takes a narrative approach, emphasizing the importance of building intuition and understanding before diving into the math. The authors believe that integration is the core of mechatronics--and students must have a command of each of the domains to create the balance necessary for successful mechatronic design--and devote sections of the book to each area, including mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines, as well as a section on system design and engineering. A robust package of teaching and learning resources accompanies the book.

  2. Silicon microchannel heat sinks : theories and phenomena

    Zhang, L. (Lian), 1971-
    Berlin : New York : Springer, c2004.

    Two-phase microchannel cooling is one of the most promising thermal-management technologies for future high-power IC chips. Understanding the boiling process and the two-phase-flow behavior in microchannels is the key to successful implementation of a microchannel heat sink. This book focuses on the phase-change phenomena and the heat transfer in sub-150 nm diameter silicon microchannels, with emphasis on thermal measurement and modeling, and the impact of small dimensions on two-phase flow regimes. Scientists and engineers tackling thermal and MEMS problems will find the discussion in this book inspiring for their future design of microscale heat transfer experiments. This book will also contribute to the study of two-phase microchannel flows by providing extensive experimental data which are otherwise difficult to access.

  3. Temperature insensitive micromechanical resonators

    Melamud, Renata
    2008, c2009.

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