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  1. Kugŏ kyoyuk 100-yŏnsa

    Chʻopʻan. 초판. - Sŏul : Sŏul Taehakkyo Chʻulpʻanbu, 2006. 서울 : 서울 대학교 출판부, 2006.

  2. Education, language, and the intellectual underpinnings of modern Korea, 1875-1945

    Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2023]

    "Education, the production of knowledge, identity formation, and ideological hegemony are inextricably linked in early modern and modern Korea. This study examines the production and consumption of knowledge by a multitude of actors and across languages, texts, and disciplines to analyze the formulation, contestation, and negotiation of knowledge. The production and dissemination of knowledge become sites for contestation and struggle-sometimes overlapping, at other times competing-resulting in a shift from a focus on state power and its control over knowledge and discourse to an analysis of local processes of knowledge production and the roles local actors play in them. Contributors are Daniel Pieper, W. Scott Wells, Yong-Jin Hahn, Furukawa Noriko, Lim Sang Seok, Kokubu Mari, Mark Caprio, Deborah Solomon, and Yoonmi Lee"--

  3. Mirae rŭl yŏnŭn Kugŏ kyoyuksa

    Ch'op'an. 초판. - Sŏul : Sŏul Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'anbu, 2007. 서울 : 서울 대학교 출판부, 2007.


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