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  1. Courting Athena : a short introduction to philosophy

    Lee, Zach (Philosopher)
    Eugene, Oregon : Wipf and Stock, [2023]

    "What really exists? How do I know my beliefs are correct? Are my actions objectively right or wrong (and why)? What is the role of government? What are the limits of science? Does God exist? What makes me, me? These questions are all philosophical in nature. But to most people, philosophy feels like an intimidating or irrelevant topic. Courting Athena is a short introduction into this amazing subject. However, unlike many other introductions to philosophy (which, at times, can be sterile, boring, and overwhelming), this book is written with the average reader in mind. It is a short, accessible, and engaging invitation that will teach you how to think more clearly about the world around you. Each chapter summarizes a major area of philosophy and introduces you to the major ideas and thinkers you need to know. Everything from knowledge to science to political systems to religion are addressed within these pages. Athena, the mythical goddess of wisdom, invites you to engage with her in a short, yet simple journey through the incredible topic of philosophy." --


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