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  1. Literary studies

    Jacobs, Joseph, 1854-1916
    2nd ed. - London, David Nutt, 1895.

  2. Literary studies

    Whibley, Charles, 1859-1930
    Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press [1969]

  3. Literary studies : a Norton guide

    Habib, Rafey
    First edition - New York, NY : W. W. Norton & Company, [2020]

    "This brief guide gives students considering an English major the background they need to read, analyze, and write effectively about poems, stories, novels, plays, and essays. Straightforward and accessible, English Literary Studies inspires students to dig deep into the works they encounter and helps them learn how to gain the cultural knowledge, critical-thinking experience, and analytical skills that are the hallmark of majoring in English. Recognizing that students taking literature classes often need more background than they've received in high school or can get from lecture, English Literary Studies fills in the gaps with the perfect amount of information to help students succeed. Students can open this book to find out what unfamiliar terms such as synechdoche mean (and why they matter) or to discover that familiar terms such as romantic and modern describe complex concepts whose understanding deepens the experience of literature. English Literary Studies is rich with literature itself, using diverse examples from every genre to show how to read, how to analyze, how to write. From William Blake to Samuel Beckett to Yehuda Amichai, the Guide doesn't just talk about literature, but talks with literature"--Literary Studies provides students with an accessible overview of everything they need to know to succeed in their English courses-literary terms, historical periods, theoretical approaches and more. This guide helps students gain the analytical skills that will benefit them in college and as educated citizens after graduation.

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  1. Tibetan Studies

    Stanford Libraries' Tibetan Studies collections support faculty and student research and teaching across campus. Our collections cover topics such as religion, medicine, history, and art, with a focus on the pre-modern period.

  2. Chinese Studies

    Chinese Studies

  3. South Asian Studies

    Stanford Libraries' South Asian Studies collections include print and online materials for the study of the region that includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.


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