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  1. Texts, ideas, and the classics : scholarship, theory, and classical literature

    Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.

    This book aims to promote a simple idea: that, in the contemporary context of the study and interpretation of classical literature at universities, traditional classical scholarship and modern theoretical ideas need to work with each other in the common task of the interpretation of texts. Such dialogue and co-operation is not merely desirable; it is essential to ensure the survival and relevance of the study of classical literature in the twenty-first century. The purpose of this book is protreptic, to speak both to the sceptical and non-sceptical and to suggest to both the importance of the topic. The topics selected were chosen by a panel of distinguished practitioners as traditional areas of classical literary studies where the importance of co-operation of theory and scholarship could be shown in different ways by scholars who ranged widely in their views: 'literary language', 'narrative', 'genre', 'historicism', and 'reception and history of scholarship'.

  2. Ocherki prepodavanii︠a︡ literatury v sredneĭ shkole : posobie dli︠a︡ uchiteli︠a︡

    Nikolʹskiĭ, V. A.
    Moskva : Gos. ucheb.-pedagog. izd-vo ministerstva prosveshchenii︠a︡ RSFSR, 1958. Москва : Гос. учеб.-педагог. изд-во министерства просвещения РСФСР, 1958.

  3. Ben ḳonfliḳṭ le-diʼalog : ḥinukh ṿe-sifrut ṿe-tiḳun ʻolam = Between conflict and dialogue : education and literature and world change

    Reichert, Raviv
    Ḥefah : Pardes hotsaʼah la-or, 784 = 2023 חיפה : פרדס הוצאה לאור, תשפ"ד


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