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  1. Shi jie xing xiang di tu : Zhongguo wang min yan zhong de duo yuan shi jie

    Liu, Pengfei
    Beijing : Xin hua chu ban she, 2018 北京 : 新华出版社, 2018

    Online China Ebook Hub

  2. Damage modeling of composite structures : strength, fracture, and finite element analysis

    Liu, Pengfei
    Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2021.

    Damage Modeling of Composite Structures: Strength, Fracture, and Finite Element Analysis provides readers with a fundamental overview of the mechanics of composite materials, along with an outline of an array of modeling and numerical techniques used to analyze damage, failure mechanisms and safety tolerance. Strength prediction and finite element analysis of laminated composite structures are both covered, as are modeling techniques for delaminated composites under compression and shear. Viscoelastic cohesive/friction coupled model and finite element analysis for delamination analysis of composites under shear and for laminates under low-velocity impact are all covered at length. A concluding chapter discusses multiscale damage models and finite element analysis of composite structures.

    Online ScienceDirect


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