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  1. The idea of public law

    Loughlin, Martin
    Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003

    This book offers an answer to the question: what is public law? It suggests that an adequate explanation can only be given once public law is recognized to be an autonomous discipline, with its own distinctive methods and tasks. Martin Loughlin defends this claim by identifying the conceptual foundations of the public law in governing, politics, representation, sovereignty, constituent power, and rights. By explicating these basic elements of the subject, he seeks not only to lay bare its method but also to present a novel account of the idea of public law.

  2. The British constitution : a very short introduction

    Loughlin, Martin
    Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013

    The British constitution has grown organically in response to changes in its economic, political, and social environment, and is not contained in a single authoritative text. In this 'Very Short Introduction', Martin Loughlin examines the nature and authority of the constitution, and its challenging prospects for the future

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  3. Public law and political theory

    Loughlin, Martin
    Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.

    The study of public law in the UK has been hampered for many years by an inadequate appreciation among scholars and students of the importance of understanding the different political theories which underpin different models of public law. The main aim of this work is to offer students a straightforward introduction to the relationship between public law and political theory, and to help them to comprehend the rich literature on both subjects.


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