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  1. Molecular evolution and population genetics for marine biologists

    Kartavtsev, Yuri Ph.
    Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015.

    Research in modern experimental and theoretical population genetics has been strengthened by advances in molecular techniques for the analysis of genetic variability. The evolutionary relationships of organisms may be investigated by comparing DNA sequences. This book covers chapters on population genetics, DNA polymorphism, genetic homeostasis, and biochemical genetics, plus a chapter on phylogenetic tree construction. In addition, each chapter contains training materials with numerical examples.

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  1. Marine Ecological Regions, California, 2000

    King, Chad and California. Department of Fish and Game

    This polygon shapefile was screen digitized from 'Calecoregions1.jpg' a georectified digital image of the original map of California's ecoregions, ...

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