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  1. Deadlines : a novel

    McHugh, Paul, 1950-
    1st ed. - Fort Bragg, CA : Lost Coast Press, c2010.

  2. A conflict of interest

    Williams, Brad
    1st ed - New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, ©1971

  3. The man in the microwave oven

    Cox, Susan (Susan Rosemary)
    First edition - New York : Minotaur Books, 2020

    "Fleeing from a murder and family tragedy in her native England, where she was the scandal du jour for the tabloid press, Theo Bogart changed her name and built an undercover life in a close-knit San Francisco neighborhood. She didn't expect to find love and friendship there, and now she doesn't know how--or if--to reveal the truth. After a confrontation with a difficult neighbor, Theo fears her secrets are about to be uncovered after all. When the woman who threatened to expose her is murdered, Theo is embroiled in the kind of jeopardy she crossed an ocean to escape. Worse yet, dangerous family secrets have followed her. Theo's grandfather unveils a glimpse of the shadowy world he once inhabited as an agent for the British Secret Service, bringing an even bigger breed of trouble--and another death--to Theo's doorstep. She finds herself fighting to protect herself, her family, and her new friends, aware that one of them might be a murderer."--


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