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  1. Universal databases. Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine

    [Minneapolis, Minn.] : East View Information Services, 2015-

    This database includes newspapers from the Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus and includes periodicals published in these newly independent states which used to be part of the Soviet Union. The sources are in mostly in Russian and cover various issues of domestic and international importance.


  2. Ren min ri bao (1946- Present) = People's Daily - Renmin Ribao (1946 - Present)

    Canada : Oriprobe Information Services, Inc., 2014.

    People's Daily is the official voice of the central government and the Communist Party of China. It provides the single location where the central government and the Communist Party announce their respective policies and disseminate governmental, political, and economic messages to the public and the world. Directly from the People's Daily Press, this database contains the complete run of the past daily issues covering from 1946 to today's issue. The license for institutional online access is authorized directly by the People's Daily Press. This new version is a continuing database and is being updated on a daily basis.

    Online Access limited to 2 simultaneous users.

  3. Zhongguo jin dai bao kan. Da gong bao : 1902-1949

    [China] : Zhongguo guo jia tu shu guan : Zhongguo jiao yu tu shu jin chu kou you xian gong si : De hong zi xun you xian gong si [China] : 中國國家圖書館 : 中国教育图书进出口有限公司 : 得泓資訊有限公司

    Bao zhi suo yin ji ying xiang shou lu fan wei: Tianjin ban (1902.06.17-1949.01.15) ; Shanghai ban (1936.04.01-1949.12.31) ; Chongqing ban (1938.12.01-1949.12.31) ; Xianggang ban (1938.08.13-1949.12.31) ; Guilin ban (1941.03.15-1944.09.09) ; Hankou ban (1937.09.18-1938.10.17) ; Chongqing Da gong wan bao (1944.09.01-1949.12.31)


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  1. Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies

    The Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies, established in 2022 at Stanford, is a cooperative project intended to promote international exchange in the fields of Chinese studies and Taiwan studies. View the research databases provided by the TRCCS.

  2. African Studies

    Stanford Libraries' African Studies collection has an extensive array of books, journals, newspapers, films, maps, special collections and databases, covering all of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

  3. Journalism

    Stanford Libraries' Journalism collections include both print and online books and journals, as well as databases and datasets for the study of topics such as news reporting, media ethics, investigative journalism, and data journalism.


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