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  1. Ecologies of a storied planet in the anthropocene

    Oppermann, Serpil
    First edition - Morgantown, W. Va. : West Virginia University Press, 2023

  2. Blue humanities : storied waterscapes in the anthropocene

    Oppermann, Serpil
    Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2023.

    By drawing on oceanography (marine sciences) and limnology (freshwater sciences), social sciences, and the environmental humanities, the field of the blue humanities critically examines the planet's troubled seas and distressed freshwaters from various socio-cultural, literary, historical, aesthetic, ethical, and theoretical perspectives. Since all waterscapes in the Anthropocene are overexploited and endangered sites, the field calls for transdisciplinary cooperation and encourages thinking with water and thinking together beyond the conventions of tentacular anthropocentric thought. Working across many disciplines, the blue humanities, then, challenges the cultural primacy of standard sea and freshwater narratives and promotes disanthropocentric discourses about water ecologies. Engaging with the most pressing water problems, this Element contributes to those new discursive practices from a material ecocritical perspective. The authors' hypothesis is that fluid-storied matter and the new stories we tell can change the game by changing our mindset.

    Online Cambridge University Press

  3. New international voices in ecocriticism

    Lanham : Lexington Books, [2014]

    With twelve original essays that characterize truly international ecocriticisms, New International Voices in Ecocriticism presents a compendium of ecocritical approaches, including ecocritical theory, ecopoetics, ecocritical analyses of literary, cultural, and musical texts (especially those not commonly studied in mainstream ecocriticism), and new critical vistas on human-nonhuman relations, postcolonial subjects, material selves, gender, and queer ecologies. It develops new perspectives on literature, culture, and the environment. The essays, written by contributors from the United States, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Spain, China, India, and South Africa, cover novels, drama, autobiography, music, and poetry, mixing traditional and popular forms. Popular culture and the production and circulation of cultural imaginaries feature prominently in this volume-how people view their world and the manner in which they share their perspectives, including the way these perspectives challenge each other globally and locally. In this sense the book also probes borders, border transgression, and border permeability. By offering diverse ecocritical approaches, the essays affirm the significance and necessity of international perspectives in environmental humanities, and thus offer unique responses to environmental problems and that, in some sense, affect many beginning and established scholars.


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