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  1. Ethics and public service in Africa

    Otenyo, Eric Edwin
    Nairobi, Kenya : Friends-of-the-Book Foundation : Quest & Insight Publishers, 1998.

  2. COVID-19 and vaccine nationalism : managing the politics of global pandemics

    Otenyo, Eric Edwin
    Cambridge, MA : Academic Press, 2023.

    Online ScienceDirect

  3. Trade unions and the age of information and communication technologies in Kenya

    Otenyo, Eric Edwin
    Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017]

    Trade Unions and the Age of Information and Communication Technologies in Kenya provides a comprehensive description of the use of ICTs within the trade union movement in Kenya. In this book, Professor Eric Otenyo explores the intersection between new technologies and union as key stakeholders in national governance and development. The dearth of research on how trade unions can play a part in the new economy continues to undermine the effective use of ICTs in development. This book brings to light the challenges that unions face while navigating the new economy and netstate characterized by a proliferation of ICTs and globalization.


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