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  1. Avangardni roman bez romana : poetika kratkog romana srpske avangarde

    Petrović, Predrag, 1975-
    Beograd : In-t za književnost i umetnost, 2008. Београд : Ин-т за књижевност и уметност, 2008.

  2. Digital processing and reconstruction of complex AC signals

    Petrović, Predrag, 1967-
    Berlin : Springer Verlag ; Belgrade, Serbia : Academic Mind, ©2009.

    In real electronic systems, voltage and current signals are not necessarily of a periodical quantity, due to the presence of nonharmonic components or/and possible stochastic variation. This book presents in four chapters methods for analyzing and processing and reconstructing complex signals. The processing of nonharmonic components of ac signals, i.e. interharmonics and subharmonics based on the principles of synchronous sampling is a topic of chapter two. The conditions, required for the performance of such a processing, have necessarily been derived. The problem of the reconstruction of complex periodic signals, which is in the focus of chapter three of this monograph, has been given special attention. A completely new protocol, which enables the development of much superior and more efficacious algorithms, has been developed, and the obtained results are unique in global practice. A newly developed method for the calculation of basic parameters of the processed voltage and current signals is given in chapter four. Having being practically verified, this method has demonstrated exceptionally favorable performance. The monograph is beneficial to specialists and experts involved in problems of this scientific field, and it will serve as a useful guideline to follow in further investigations.

    Online SpringerLink

  3. First do no harm : a chemist's guide to molecular design for reduced hazard

    Petrovic, Predrag V.
    First edition. - Singapore : Jenny Stanford Publishing, 2023.

    Online Taylor & Francis eBooks


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