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  1. Influence operations in cyberspace and the applicability of international law

    Pijpers, Peter B.M.J.
    Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, [2023]

    "This enlightening book examines the use of online influence operations by foreign actors, and the extent to which these violate international law. It looks at key recent examples such as the 2016 UK EU Referendum, the 2016 American Presidential Election, and the 2017 French Presidential Election. Applying existing international law to the new cyberspace domain fuels the discourse on how states interpret international law, which increases legal ambiguity. This book contributes to this discourse by analysing the core elements of interventions and sovereignty, including territorial integrity and political independence, and the extent to which these elements were violated in the three central case studies. It concludes by reflecting on the future of influence operations in cyberspace and providing instruments and tools to better define when and how international law has been violated. Providing insights into the use of coercion and manipulation in influence operations, this book will be crucial reading for students and scholars in information and media law, internet and technology law, and public international law. It will also be beneficial for cyberspace experts and policymakers in international law and governance"--


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