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  1. Methoden zur Bestimmung pflanzlicher Wuchsstoffe

    Linser, Hans
    Wien, Springer, 1957.

  2. Plant growth substances : principles and applications

    Arteca, Richard N., 1950-
    New York : Chapman & Hall, c1996.

    In a convenient, single-source reference, this book examines plant growth substances and their relationship to a wide range of physiological processes, ranging from seed germination through the death of the plant. If offers a clear illustration of the pragmatic uses of plant substances in agriculture and demonstrates how basic laboratory research has translated into increased production and profit for the grower. This work begins by building a solid foundation in the subject, which contains historical aspects and fundamental concepts, and provides a methodology for extraction, purification, and quantification of plant growth substances.This forms the basis for understanding the ensuing chapters that explore the many processes involving plant growth substances, including: seed germination; seedling growth; rooting; dormancy; juvenility; maturity; senescence; flowering; abscission; fruit set; fruit growth; fruit development; premature drop; ripening; promotion of fruit drop; tuberization; photsynthesis; and weed control. Providing a detailed examination of plant growth substances and their relationships to specific physiological plant processes, "Plant Growth Substances" gives students, researchers, and professionals a much needed reference.


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