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  1. Public Policy (U.S. & International)

    Stanford Libraries' Public Policy collections include resources to support the study of government programs, laws, and regulations. Public policy touches on all aspects of life including education, transportation, urban studies, climate and environment.

  2. Chinese Studies

    Chinese Studies


Digital showcases for research and teaching.
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Geospatial content, including GIS datasets, digitized maps, and census data.
  1. Census Blocks with Redistricting Data, Wisconsin 2020

    Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri)

    This layer contains block level 2020 Decennial Census redistricting data as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau for Wisconsin. The attributes come f...

  2. United States Buildings, 2010

    United States Geological Survey and Economic and Social Research Institute (Reston, Va.)

    United States Buildings is a point theme representing physical and cultural geographic features located throughout the United States and its Territ...

  3. 2010 U.S. Geographic Names Information System Buildings


    U.S. Geographic Names Information System Buildings represents the Federal standard for geographic nomenclature and contains information about the p...

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