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  1. Qt 5 and OpenCV 4 Computer Vision Projects : Get up to Speed with Cross-Platform Computer Vision App Development by Building Seven Practical Projects

    Qingliang, Zhuo
    Birmingham : Packt Publishing, Limited, 2019.

    Questions; Chapter 7: Real-Time Car Detection and Distance Measurement; Technical requirements; Car detection in real time; Distance measurement; Measuring the distance between cars or between the car and the camera; Measuring the distance between a car and the camera in the eye-level view; Switching between view modes; Summary; Questions; Chapter 8: Using OpenGL for the High-Speed Filtering of Images; Technical requirements; Hello OpenGL; OpenGL in Qt; Filtering images with OpenGL; Drawing images with OpenGL; Filtering images in the fragment shader; Saving the filtered imagesWe are entering the age of artificial intelligence, and Computer Vision plays an important role in the AI field. This book combines OpenCV 4 and Qt 5 as well as many deep learning models to develop many complete, practical, and functional applications through which the readers can learn a lot in CV, GUI, and AI domains.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection


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