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  1. In the shade of an African baobab : Tom Bennett's legacy

    Claremont, South Africa : Juta and Company, 2018. Cape Town : CTP Printers, [2018]

    In the Shade of an African Baobab: Tom Bennett's Legacy is a collection of essays published to honour and thank Tom Bennett for his generous contribution to scholarly work over the years in the field of legal pluralism and African jurisprudence, as well as for his mentorship and friendship. The book brings together a collection of work by esteemed scholars from multidisciplinary fields, though the work is focused on aspects of law, culture and religion. The common thread through all the contributions is Tom. His scholarly influence, visible in each of the contributions, can be compared to the mighty Baobab tree: a large iconic, culturally important and majestic tree indigenous to Africa.

  2. The diffusion of law : the movement of laws and norms around the world

    Farnham, Surrey, UK England ; Burlington, VT, USA : Ashgate Publishing, [2015]

    In considering diffusion from a global perspective, this book provides timely new insights into its application in a variety of fields and at many levels of both legal and non-legal orderings. This collection contributes to the wider theoretical debate concerning the movement of law and legal norms by engaging with concrete examples of legal diffusion, in jurisdictions as diverse as Albania, the Czech Republic, Poland and Kuwait. These examples, taken together, provide a comprehensive illustration of the theoretical debates concerning the diffusion of laws and norms in terms of both process and form. This international, multi-disciplinary and multi-methodological volume brings together scholars from law and social science with experience in mixed and hybrid jurisdictions, and advances the conversation about legal and normative diffusion across the academy. It represents a robust challenge to many preconceived ideas about legal movement and, as such, will be of interest to academics and students working in the fields of Law, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Legal Education and comparative method.

  3. The law of succession in South Africa : private law

    Third edition - Cape Town, South Africa : Oxford University Press Southern Africa, 2017

    Provides a thorough and clear introduction to the principles of law of succession, including those relating to customary law. Includes relevant legal developments, particularly with regard to intestate succession and trusts. Also provides a greater number of interactive critical and reflective discussionsThe Law of Succession in South Africa, third edition, provides a comprehensive, engaging and accessible introduction to common law and customary law principles of the law of succession. The texts clear, rigorous and thorough explanation assists readers to progress in their understanding, and to master the subject matter, whilst supporting the development of applied, critical, and reflective thought. The text is appropriate for students of the law of succession, and practitioners who may wish to clarify new or foundational principles.


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