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  1. American religious leaders

    Hall, Timothy L., 1955-
    New York : Facts On File, c2003.

    American Religious Leaders traces the history of American religion through the lives of its leaders. More than 250 entries explore America's religious and spiritual leaders from colonial times to today. The book focuses on those who have occupied the spotlight of historical attention in one way or another: the founders, the pioneers, the heretics, and the saints, among others. All have summoned some measure of historical interest and left some record, either through journals and autobiographies of their own or through biographies written by others. Notable figures and leaders from many of the major churches and religious groups in America are covered, including Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics, Black Muslims, Jews, and Mormons along with leaders from smaller and lesser-known but no less important religions. They have established schools, founded humanitarian and social welfare organizations, led movements concerned with social equality and civil rights, and proceeded to voice economic, political, and social ideas based on their commitment to their respective religions and the beliefs of their followers. Broadly inclusive, this volume profiles many women, Native Americans, African Americans, and leaders from other traditionally underrepresented groups within American society. - James Lloyd Breck: Episcopal missionary - Edgar Cayce: psychic - Dorothy Day: cofounder of the Catholic Worker movement - Louis Farrakhan: Nation of Islam leader - Henry Highland Garnet: Presbyterian minister, abolitionist - Anne Hutchinson: Puritan lay leader - Pat Robertson: founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

  2. Black religious leaders : conflict in unity

    Paris, Peter J., 1933-
    2nd ed. - Louisville, Ky. : Westminster/John Knox Press, c1991.

  3. African-American religious leaders : a-z of African Americans

    Aaseng, Nathan
    New York, NY : Facts On File, c2003.

    African-American Religious Leaders profiles many African American religious leaders, from the most famous, Martin Luther King, Elijah Muhammad to others whose influence has been less publicized. Those profiled have been drawn from a vast range of pursuits and include civil rights scions, founders of the African-American churches, compassionate lay leaders, dynamic preachers, pioneers in the ecclesiastical realms previously reserved for whites, workers for social justice, missionaries, and even ordained celebrities from the entertainment world who carry a spiritual message in their interactions with the public. Broad in scope, leaders from a wide variety of faiths and persuasions are covered, including important figures from mainstream Christian denominations, African-American Christian denominations, Islam, Black Muslim, voodoo, and mystic religions.

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