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  1. Renewable energy sources

    London ; New York : Published on behalf of the Watt Committee on Energy by Elsevier Applied Science ; New York, NY : Sole distributors in the USA and Canada, Elsevier Science Pub. Co., c1990.

    In recent years there has been a marked increase in the level of public concern with environmental issues. One of its effects has been a growing awareness of contribution that might be made by greater exploitation of renewable energy sources - frequently described as alternative energy sources, or 'the renewables'. Conventional large-scale power generation has been widely thought objectionable because it is polluting, causes damage to life and to valued buildings, emits radiation or generates more heavy goods traffic. Whether or not all these objections are valid there is no doubt that many of the renewables are comparatively free of them. Renewable Energy Sources is a Watt Committee report presenting and analysing the sources of renewable energy, including advantages and disadvantages, projects implemented internationally, cost and environmental implications, and the benefits of system integration.

  2. Renewable energy sources. Elementary (3-5)

    [Knoxville, Tenn.] : [Tennessee Valley Authority], [2004?]


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  1. Rhode Island Renewable Energy Zone, 2010

    Applied Science Associates

    A Renewable Energy Zone, approximately 2 km wide (landward from state water boundary), extending from a location east to southwest of Block Island ...

  2. Alternative Fuels: United States, 2013

    Hudgins, Andrew and United States. Bureau of Transportation Statistics

    This point shapefile depicts fueling facilities that offer fuels other than gasoline in the United States. Through a nationwide network of local co...

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    Hart Energy Publishing

    A collection of renewable energy related data from the United States. Includes data layers for biomass, ethanol, geothermal, methane, solar, and wi...

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