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  1. The ROV manual : a user guide for remotely operated vehicles

    Christ, Robert D.
    Second edition. - Waltham, Massachusetts : Elsevier, 2014.

    Many underwater operations that were once carried out by divers can now be carried out more efficiently and safely with ROVs. Their use has spread rapidly too as the technology has become more efficient and affordable, with application now commonly seen in marine research and surveying, nuclear, hydroelectric and petroleum infrastructure inspection, harbor security and military contexts, among others. The ROV Manual is one of very few dedicated resources covering the use of ROVs, written by well-known experts in the field to provide a complete training and reference too.

    Online Knovel

  2. Advances in unmanned marine vehicles

    London : Institution of Electrical Engineers, ©2006.

    Unmanned marine vehicles (UMVs) is a collective term used to describe autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles, semi-submersibles, and unmanned surface craft. Considerable interest has been shown in UMVs by the military, civilian and scientific communities due to their ability to undertake designated missions whilst either operating autonomously and/or on co-operation with other types of vehicle. Increasing importance is also being placed on the design and development of such vehicles as they are capable of providing cost effective solutions to a number of littoral, coastal and offshore problems. This book draws attention to the advanced technology which is evolving to meet the challenges being posed in this exciting and growing field of study.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection

  3. Underwater robots : motion and force control of vehicle-manipulator systems

    Antonelli, Gianluca, 1970-
    2nd ed. - Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2006.

    "This book deals with the main control aspects in underwater manipulation tasks. The mathematical model with significant impact on the control strategy is discussed. The problem of controlling a 6-degrees-of-freedoms autonomous underwater vehicle is deeply investigated and a survey of fault detection/tolerant strategies for unmanned underwater vehicles is provided; experimental results obtained with the vehicle ODIN are presented. The presence of a manipulator is further studied in the aspects of kinematic, dynamic and interaction control. The purpose of this second edition is to add material not covered in the first edition as well as streamline and improve the previous material."--JacketThis book deals with the state of the art in underwater robotics experiments of dynamic control of an underwater vehicle. The author presents experimental results on motion control and fault tolerance to thrusters' faults with the autonomous vehicle ODIN. This second substantially improved and expanded edition new features are presented dealing with fault-tolerant control and coordinated control of autonomous underwater vehicles.

    Online SpringerLink


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