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  1. Hitler's last levy : the Volkssturm, 1944-45

    Kissel, Hans, 1897-1975
    Solihull : Helion, 2005.

    This work is an account of the German Volkssturm, or Home Guard, which was formed from men unfit for military service, the young and the old, who saw extensive combat during the defence of the Reich between 1944 and 1945. The author describes the Volksssturm's training, leadership, organization, armament and equipment, in addition to its active service on both the Eastern and Western fronts. It includes translations of documents and eyewitness combat reports.

  2. Last laurels : the German defence of Upper Silesia, January-May 1945

    Gunter, Georg
    Expanded English ed. - Solihull, West Midlands, England : Helion & Co., 2002.

    By January 1945, Silesia had become Germany's key industrial region. When the Soviets launched offensives aimed at capturing it, the German defence was bitter, and the Soviet reactions brutal. This is an account of the events from the Soviet offensive through to the final German defensive actions.

  3. The German Fallschirmtruppe, 1936-41 : its genesis and employment in the first campaigns of the Wehrmacht

    Golla, Karl-Heinz, 1939-
    Solihull : Helion, [2012]

    The Fallschirmtruppe of the Wehrmacht won recognition for their valor and endurance not only from their fellow German soldiers, but from their former enemies as well. On the basis of careful and comprehensive research, including utilizing extensive unpublished documentary and personal materials, the author covers the history of the Fallschirmtruppe from its genesis and early training to its employment in combat in Scandinavia, the Albert Canal in Belgium, Holland, the Greek mainland and, of course, at Crete. The reasons for the remarkable successes of the German Fallschirmtruppe during this pe.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection


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