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  1. Hidden : life with California's Roma families

    Klenz, Cristina Salvador
    First edition - Long Beach : Brown Paper Press, [2022]

    "The book is a collection of rare black and white images of Roma families in California during the early 1990s. Since their exodus from India more than a thousand years ago, the Roma - an ethnic group formerly known as "Gypsies" - have migrated to all continents of the globe. A large wave of Roma came to the United States from Europe at the turn of the twentieth century. The country is home to roughly 50,000 Roma people today, many of them in California. Yet, they remain hidden to the majority of us. Roma: Life with California's Roma Families is a collection of rare black and white images of Romani Americans living in California during the early 1990s. Photojournalist Cristina Salvador Klenz documented the lives of these families over a period of years, capturing their celebrations, social relationships, struggles, and rituals-the latter of which have survived centuries of discrimination and persecution. The photographs include people from the Kalderash and Machvaya nations, whose ancestors immigrated to the United States after being released from slavery in Eastern Europe. Other nations represented include more recent Romani immigrants who had also settled in Eastern Europe but arrived in California after extended stays in Chile and Colombia. An additional group, called the Ludar, has spent decades living in a modern-day camp in Southern California. Although many Romani-American tribes have little social contact with each other, all have been brought together in this set of photographs in hope that readers gain a greater understanding of this vibrant, resilient, and misunderstood people. Theirs is a culture that has been hidden for far too long"--


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