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  1. The right of the child to play : from conception to implementation

    Lott, Naomi
    Abingdon, Oxon [UK] ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2023.

    "This book provides a vital and original investigation into, and critique of, the situation facing the realisation of the child's right to play. The right to play has been referred to as a forgotten right - forgotten by States implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child, by the Committee on the Rights of the Child in monitoring and providing guidance on the Convention, and by human rights academics. Through multidisciplinary, original archival, novel doctrinal and primary empirical research, the work provides a thorough investigation of the right to play. It offers an innovative insight into its value, the challenges facing the realisation of the right, its raison d'ĂȘtre and its scope, content and obligations. It also critiques the Committee's engagement with the right to play and shares lived experiences of efforts to support its implementation in the United Kingdom and Tanzania. The book highlights elements of best practice, challenges and weaknesses, and makes recommendations for its continued and improved realisation. The book will be a valuable resource for researchers, academics, advocates and policy-makers working in the areas of Children's Rights, International Human Rights Law, Public International Law, Child Welfare and Education"--


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