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  1. Sales management

    New York : Sales Management, 1929-1975.

  2. Sales management

    Maynard, Harold H. (Harold Howard), 1889-1957
    3rd ed. - New York : Ronald Press Co., [1957]

    Online Full text via HathiTrust

  3. Sales management

    Calvin, Robert J.
    New York : McGraw-Hill, c2001.

    A sales force is no better than its management - and "Sales Management" supplies the tools sales executives need to inspire their sales forces to increase productivity through improved customer service, equitable compensation plans, e-Commerce, sales force automation, and more. It explains how to make heroes out of a sales force by understanding and taking advantage of both the micro and the macro of sales and sales management and determining the best methods for organizing, deploying, and motivating today's changing sales force.This is the handy paperback edition of McGraw-Hill's One-Volume, "MBA-Level Course on Sales Management". The hardcover edition of McGraw-Hill's "Sales Management" is renowned for its straightforward treatment of the entire process of recruiting, building, and managing a results-driven sales team. Now, this value-packed paperback edition provides busy executives with everything found in the hardcover, all in a package designed to be more easily transportable and affordable.Look to this all-in-one sales manager's guide for comprehensive facts and analysis on: strategy and objectives; hiring; training; compensation; organization; deployment; forecasts; sales plans; nonmonetary motivators; sales force automation; and, performance evaluations. As a sales manager, your career success depends on the performance and success of your sales team. Discover how to train and retain a team of top sales professionals - and mold that team into a motivated and cohesive sales unit - in sales management. Look to the McGraw-Hill "Executive MBA Series" for straight-talking, technique-filled books, written by front-line executive education professors and modeled after the programs of top business schools. The other paperback titles in the series include: "Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers", "Mergers & Acquisitions", and "Corporate Strategy".


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