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  1. Applied simulated annealing

    Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1993.

    This volume contains 16 papers dealing with the methodological and applied aspects of the simulated annealing approach when applied to solve combinatorial optimization problems. More specifically the contents are: The first four papers suggest, test and compare different design strategies for the algorithm. The next 5 papers are dealing with different real-life versions of location problems and the last four papers present a miscellaneous of application areas: clustering, partitioning, image processing and design problems. This collection of papers gives a good picture of the state-of-the-art of the applied aspects of simulated annealing. In addition, this volume also contains an introduction chapter (with an up-to-date list of references0 and a last chapter with the final remarks.

  2. Simulated annealing : parallelization techniques

    New York : Wiley, c1992.

    The results of an 18-month workshop held in France, this is a collection of papers covering current research on the implementation of simulated algorithms on parallel computers. The techniques advanced are then applied to the fields of mathematics, electrical engineering and neural networks.


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