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  1. Skeleton Coast

    Schoeman, Amy.
    Johannesburg : Macmillan South Africa, 1984.

  2. Skeleton keys : the secret life of bone

    Switek, Brian
    New York : Riverhead Books, 2019.

    Bone is as embedded in our culture as it is in our bodies. Our species has made instruments and jewelry from bone, treated the dead like collectors' items, put our faith in skull bumps as guides to human behavior, and arranged skeletons into macabre tributes to the afterlife. Switek makes a compelling case for getting better acquainted with our skeletons, in all their surprising roles. Bridging the worlds of paleontology, anthropology, medicine, and forensics, Skeleton Keys illuminates the complex life of bones inside our bodies and out.

  3. Skeleton coast

    Arnold, Elizabeth, 1958-
    [Chicago, IL] : Flood Editions, [2017]

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  1. Atlantic City : skeleton

    Sanborn Map Company

    Skeleton maps of Atlantic City; sheets are numbered 9-20 and 27-38.

  2. Morristown, N.J. : skeleton

    Sanborn Map Company

    Skeleton maps of Morristown, N.J.; sheets 1-2 of Insurance maps of Morristown, N.J., series.

  3. [Jersey City] : skeleton

    Sanborn Map Company

    In upper margin: Hudson Co., vol. 3 Skeleton maps of Jersey City; sheets 15-24, 43, 46, 51-54 and 57 of Hudson Co., vol. 3, series.

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