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  1. Solar system

    Ryan, Peter, 1939-
    New York : Viking Press, 1979, c1978.

  2. Solar system : structure, formation, and exploration

    New York : Nova Science Publisher's, [2012]

    In this book, the authors present topical research in the study of the structure, formation and exploration of the solar system. Topics discussed in this compilation include a quantum-like model to search the origin of the solar system structure; close binaries, eccentric exojupiters, and the solar system; harnessing energy from the sun by splitting water using Mn-oxo or Co-based catalytic systems to mimic photosynthesis; a relativistic positioning system exploiting pulsating sources for navigation across the solar system and the role of solar wind dynamics on interstellar dust in the solar system.

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  1. Universal-Historie auf der Land-Karten [map].

    Desing, Anselm, 1699-1772

    Shows most of the eastern hemisphere, omitting Japan, part of China, part of Africa, and polar regions. Relief shown pictorially. Map is surrounded...


    Stoopendaal, Daniel

    With Stoopendaal’s signature and plate mark 6 (lower right-hand corner). Without signature or plate mark. Shirley 498; Tooley/Mapmakers, p. 600. Ca...

  3. Orbis terrarum tabula recens emendata et in lucem edita

    Stopendael, Daniel, Keur, Pieter, and Keur, Jacob

    D. Stoopendaal Fec. Relief shown pictorially. California shown as an island with a flat northern coastline and place names along western coast. Inc...

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