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  1. Arizona Garden

    A historic garden at Stanford University

  2. Say Their Names

    Green Library Exhibit supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

  3. Parker Library On the Web

    Manuscripts in the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

  4. Public Syncopations

    Public Domain Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, and Dance Music at the Archive of Recorded Sound

  5. Tibet Oral History Project

    With their own eyes || In their own words

  6. Cartographic Symbologies

    The Art and Design of Expression in Historic Maps

  7. Research from Stanford University

    Data and More from Stanford's Cutting Edge Researchers

  8. The Baltic Way

    History and Culture in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania 1918–2018

  9. Andy Warhol Photography Archive

    Contact Sheets: 1976 - 1987

  10. Mapping the Islamic World

    The Ottoman, Safavid & Mughal Empires

  11. Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies @ Stanford

    A History of Local Feminist & Queer Scholarship and Community

  12. (in brackets) by Gavin Younge

    Know Their Names - Youth Uprising in Cape Town, South Africa, 1976

  13. John W. Gardner

    Statesman, Social Reformer, Public Advocate

  14. VABAMU

    The Aim is Freedom: A History of Occupations and Independence in Estonia

  15. Hopkins Seaside Laboratory (1892 -1917)

    A Summer School of Science

  16. Leonardo's Library

    The World of a Renaissance Reader

  17. Stanford Historical Society Collections

    Publications, Oral Histories, and Program Recordings

  18. National History Day | Maps Edition

    A Guide for Finding, Analyzing, and Using Maps in Projects

  19. Tokyo Over Time

    Maps of Tokyo spanning the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries

  20. Numismatics at Stanford Libraries

    A Digital Coin Cabinet

  21. Travel Through Time: Japan

    Travel-related ephemera from the 17th through the early 20th century.

  22. Stanford Geological Survey Collection

    100 years of field mapping

  23. William Gardiner Transportation Collection

    Oakland and San Francisco transit history in photographs

  24. French Revolution Images

    Iconography from the collections of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

  25. Antarctic Radar Film Digitization Project

    A collaborative effort by Stanford and Cambridge to convert analog ice sheet observations for digital analysis

  26. Seeing Cities

    10 Maps Over 200 Years

  27. Jay T. Last Papers

    The Silicon Valley Archives

  28. Images of Rome

    The Rodolfo Lanciani Digital Archive

  29. Hohbach Featured Collections

    An Archive of Images Displayed in Hohbach Hall

  30. Maps 101

    An Introduction to Finding, Analyzing, and Using Historic Maps

  31. Beautiful Writing

    Contemporary Global Calligraphy

  32. Rare Books

    A digital library of reference works

  33. Automobility Archive

    Connecting the past, present and future of the automobile through the Road & Track collection

  34. The Urban Legacy of Ancient Rome

    Photographs from the Ernest Nash Fototeca Unione Collection

  35. Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky Papers

    SLAC Director and Professor Emeritus

  36. Becoming Stanford

    The History and Meaning of Stanford's Insignia

  37. Maps of Africa: An Online Exhibit

    A digital collection of African Maps at the Stanford University Libraries

  38. Bassi-Veratti Collection

    The digital Bassi-Veratti archive

  39. Silicon Genesis

    Oral Histories of Semiconductor Technology

  40. !Women Art Revolution

    Voices of a Movement

  41. SITE Conference Archive

    Hosted by the Stanford Department of Economics

  42. Hopkins Marine Station

    Stanford University

  43. African American Histories in Silicon Valley

    From the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford Libraries

  44. Medicine and Innovation

    Oral Histories and Archive of Medical Technology

  45. California as an Island in Maps

    Maps from the Glen McLaughlin Collection of California as an Island

  46. Sunset Magazine

    A recreation of Stanford Libraries' 1998 website

  47. Douglas Menuez Photography Collection

    At the Stanford Libraries

  48. Exhibits Documentation

    A guide to building Spotlight at Stanford exhibits

  49. The Baltic Video Archive

    Baltic video testimonies at Stanford Libraries

  50. A Stanford Atlas

    Architectural drawings, maps, prints, and aerial photographs of the Stanford University campus and associated land holdings

  51. The 1947 Partition Archive

    Survivors and their Memories

  52. Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography

    Gender, Sexuality and Cartography

  53. Preventing Genocide

    Pioneers in the prevention of mass violence

  54. Herbert Matter: Modernist Photography and Graphic Design

    A Stanford University Special Collections Exhibition

  55. Early Printed Leaves

    From the First Years of the Printing Press

  56. The American Enlightenment

    Treasures from the Stanford University Libraries

  57. Hope, Resilience, and Change

    Stanford in Moments of Crisis

  58. Stanford Prison Experiment

    August 15-21, 1971

  59. Recording Civic Action in China

    Chinese NGO web archiving project

  60. Views: Portraying Place and Space

    2nd Exhibit from the David Rumsey Map Center, January 22 - August 31, 2017

  61. Beautiful Books

    A collection of some of Stanford’s rare and antiquarian books

  62. Arthur Tress Photograph Collection

    A Stanford Libraries Special Collections Exhibition

  63. Amos Gitai

    Film Archive

  64. "The First Hebrew City"

    Early Tel Aviv through the Eyes of the Eliasaf Robinson Collection

  65. The Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers

    Work in artificial intelligence and computer science at Stanford University

  66. Opening Night!

    Opera & Oratorio Premieres

  67. Barry Lawrence Ruderman Map Collection

    A growing collection of digital scans from the late 1400s to the 1950s.

  68. R. Buckminster Fuller Collection

    Architect, Systems Theorist, Designer, and Inventor

  69. Renaissance Exploration Map Collection

    Maps and Atlases from the Renaissance Period

  70. Medieval Collections at Stanford

    Resources for Research and Teaching

  71. The Monterey Jazz Festival Collection

    Archive of the world's longest running jazz festival

  72. The Super-Enlightenment

    A Digital Archive

  73. GATT Digital Library 1947 - 1994

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

  74. Collecting in Life and Death

    The Curatorial Legacy of Leland Stanford Jr.

  75. Jarndyce 19th Century Novel Collection

    A demonstration exhibit for full text search

  76. Virtual Tribunals

    International criminal tribunal records (1945-present)

  77. Black @ Stanford

    An Anthology of Black Activism and Community at Stanford

  78. Digitization Exemplars

    Selections from the work of DLSS Digitization Services

  79. Re-Mapping Sovereignty

    Representing Geopolitical Complexity

  80. Diego Rivera's San Francisco Masterpiece

    Virtual Preservation of "Pan American Unity"

  81. Rise Up for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

    Together, we rise up to overcome anti-AAPI hate

  82. Lighting the Way

    illuminating the future of discovery and delivery for archives

  83. Martin Wong Catalogue Raisonné

    From the Martin Wong Foundation

  84. Edward F. Ricketts

    A Pioneering Marine Ecologist


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