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  1. Government Information

    Stanford Libraries' Government Information collections government information collection includes publications and data of the U.S. federal, U.S. state and local, foreign, and international governmental agencies in various physical and digital formats.


Digital showcases for research and teaching.
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Geospatial content, including GIS datasets, digitized maps, and census data.
  1. India : State Boundaries with Census Data, 2001

    ML InfoMap (Firm)

    This datalayer shows State boundaries of India for 2001. Includes State socio-demographic Census attribute data such as total population, populatio...

  2. State Boundary [Illinois]

    Illinois State Geological Survey

    Contains the Illinois state boundary in line and polygon format. There are two versions of the data: one that includes the official state boundary ...

  3. State Plane Zones [Illinois]

    Illinois State Geological Survey

    Shows State Plane Coordinate System zones in Illinois. ISGS, 2007.

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