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  1. Teachers

    Huggett, Frank Edward
    London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986.

  2. Teachers

    Chicago, IL : Olive Films, [2015]

    A satirical, dramatic and often comic look at the life of the modern day teacher. Alex Jurel, a once idealistic high school teacher now burned out by the system. With a lawsuit filed by an illiterate student, the recipient of a passing grade and diploma, Alex is surprised to learn that the lawyer assigned to handle the case turns out to be Alex₂s former star pupil.

  3. Teachers

    [Chicago, Ill.] : Olive Films, [2015]

    Alex Jurel, a once idealistic high school teacher, has been sued by an illiterate student, and the lawyer assigned to handle the case is Alex's former star pupil.

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    This is a page that describes how to request class visits for the Archive for Recorded in Sound at Stanford Libraries.

  2. Art, Art History, Architecture

    Stanford Libraries' collections in Art and Architecture include print and digital materials for the study of art history, art, architecture, design, and related interdisciplinary fields, and archives, digital images, and special collections materials.

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  1. [Maps of the world]

    Seale, Richard William, Hinton, John, -1781, and Barrow, John (Teacher of mathematics)

    R.W. Seale Sculp; Printed for J. Hinton. Relief shown pictorially. California shown as an island visible in several figures. Figure 7 is double hem...

  2. Coal map of Indiana

    Vrydagh, Allison L.

    Inset : [key map, state of Indiana]. Includes text: 'List of coal mining companies shipping by rail'; 'List of rail shipping mines in the state of ...

  3. Census Unified School Districts, 1995 - Arizona

    U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Geography Division

    This datalayer displays the Unified School Districts for Arizona. A unified school district is inclusive of kindergarten through twelfth grade. The...

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