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  1. Universities and colleges : a very short introduction

    Palfreyman, David, 1954-
    [Oxford] : Oxford University Press, 2017

    This text looks at the role of the university in a social and economic context, as a repository of knowledge and a site for instruction. It considers how universities are founded, funded, governed, lead, and managed, how the advent of increased fees has affected their relationship with students, and what is in the future for higher education

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  2. American universities and colleges

    New York : Walter de Gruyter, 1928-

  3. Korean universities and colleges

    Klimes, Rudolf E.
    [New York] Educational Counseling Center, American-Korean Foundation [1967]

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  1. Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies

    The Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies, established in 2022 at Stanford, is a cooperative project intended to promote international exchange in the fields of Chinese studies and Taiwan studies. View the research databases provided by the TRCCS.


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  1. 2015 New York City Colleges and Universities

    GIS Lab, Newman Library, Baruch CUNY

    This point layer is an extract of NYC's Selected Facilities and Program Sites database that has been converted to a spatial layer. The data was tak...

  2. University of Michigan: Campus in 1933


    1 view; 37 x 55 cm.|Bird's-eye view.|North oriented toward lower left.|Accompanied by "Key to perspective map".

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