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  1. Uzbekistan

    Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, c1992-

  2. Uzbekistan

    Ulko, Alex
    London : Kuperard, [2017]

    Uzbekistan is a land of paradoxes, both enjoyable and surprising for foreign visitors. One of the ex-Soviet Asian republics, it is located in the center of what the British writer Colin Thubron called the Lost Heart of Asia, a country of deserts, mounta.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection

  3. Uzbekistan

    Washington, DC : USAID


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  1. Slavic, East Central and Southeast Europe, and Eurasia Studies

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  1. Bukhara, plan goroda : masshtab 1:13 000

    Tashkentskai︠a︡ kartograficheskai︠a︡ fabrika

    Relief shown by spot heights. Text, indexes, directories. Verso: map of "Pami︠a︡tniki arkhitektury istoricheskogo t︠s︡entra," (1:10,000), and index...

  2. Boundary, Uzbekistan, 2015

    Hijmans, Robert J. and University of California, Berkeley. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

    This polygon shapefile contains the boundary of Uzbekistan (adm0). This layer is part of the Global Administrative Areas 2015 (v2.8) dataset. Hijma...

  3. Heat Flow, Uzbekistan

    International Heat Flow Commission, International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior, and Oklahoma State University. Department of Geography. Cartography Service

    This point shapefile contains heat flow data for Uzbekistan compiled from sources dating with an unknown date. Heat flow is a measure of heat loss ...

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