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  1. Vegetarianism : a history

    Spencer, Colin, 1933-
    New York : Four Walls Eight Windows, 2002.

    "Colin Spencer's Vegetarianism provides an in-depth look at meat abstention throughout the ages. Spanning the millennia, he discusses those who came to vegetarianism by choice, not necessity. He profiles vegetarian movements, such as Hinduism and Seventh Day Adventism. He looks at the different practices and philosophies underlying vegetarianism as well as a few of the prominent vegetarian advocates, including Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi, and Adolf Hitler." "No longer a fringe movement in the United States, vegetarianism currently claims 2.5 million Americans. Whether seeking a closer relationship with God, avoiding animal cruelty, or seeking to protect their own health and the environment, vegetarians are highly regarded and given unquestionable compassion in Spencer's sweeping history."--BOOK JACKET.

  2. Vegetarianism : movement or moment?

    Maurer, Donna, 1961-
    Philadelphia, PA : Temple University Press, 2002.

    "Vegetarianism" seems to be increasing in popularity and acceptance in the United States and Canada, yet, quite surprisingly, the percentage of the population practicing vegetarian diets has not changed dramatically over the past 30 years. People typically view vegetarianism as a personal habit or food choice, even though organizations in North America have been promoting vegetarianism as a movement since the 1850s. This book examines the organizational aspects of vegetarianism and tries to explain why the predominant movement strategies have not successfully attracted more people to adopt a vegetarian identity. "Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment" is the first book to consider the movement on a broad scale from a social science perspective. While this book takes into account the unique history of North American vegetarianism and the various reasons why people adopt vegetarian diets, it focuses on how movement leaders' beliefs regarding the dynamics of social change contributes to the selection of particular strategies for attracting people to vegetarianism. In the context of this focus, this book highlights several controversies about vegetarianism that have emerged in nutrition and popular media over the past 30 years. Author note: Donna Maurer is a long-time vegetarian and freelance academic editor who also teaches online for the University of Maryland University College, where she is adjunct Associate Professor of Sociology. She has co-edited three books on food and body weight issues (with Jeffery Sobal), including "Eating Agendas: Food and Nutrition as Social Problems". She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Association for the Study of Food and Society.

  3. Vegetarianism : a History

    Spencer, Colin, 1933-
    Havertown : Grub Street, 2016.

    Though the word vegetarianism was not coined until the mid-nineteenth century, the vegetarian diet has been around as long as man has. Vegetarians have included in their number: heretics, humanists, Hindus, Christian fundamentalists, radicals, agnostics, philosophers, founders of religion and even an Emperor. Not surprisingly vegetarians have often been discriminated against sometimes tortured, even killed for their beliefs. So the history of vegetarianism is also a history of dissidence and revolt. Colin Spencers comprehensive book, reissued in paperback for the first time in fifteen years explores the psychology of abstention from flesh and attempts to discover why omnivorous humans at times voluntarily abstain from an available food. The result is a thorough work of scholarship, entertaining in places, horrifying in others. The breadth of Spencers research is quite outstanding and makes for a truly erudite read. He begins in pre-history and ends in the present day. Colin Spencer is one of the countrys leading food historians but his prolific output has not been limited to this field alone. He has written nine novels, a dozen cookery books, has had six plays produced, as well as writing for television and film and was food columnist for The Guardian for thirteen years. He has also written two other Grub Street titles: British Food (9781908117038) and From Microliths to Microwaves (9781908117007).

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