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  1. Victoria

    Bonney, S. B.
    Melbourne : The Department, 1893.


  2. Victoria

    New York, N.Y. : Hearst Corp.

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  3. Victoria

    Hamsun, Knut, 1859-1952
    New York : Penguin Books, 2005.

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  1. Geology of southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

    Cox, Simon C. (Simon Christopher), 1964-

    Relief shown by contours. Depth shown by isolines. Includes cross-section, geological legend, and list of geological and topographic symbols.

  2. Victoria Nyansa

    Kiepert, Richard, 1846-1915, Moisel, Max, and Great Britain. Ordnance Survey

    Index no.: A3.

  3. Victoria West

    Wood, John T.

    1st ed.

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