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  1. Kaṭha Āraṇyaka : critical edition with a translation into German and an introduction

    Witzel, Michael, 1943-
    Cambridge, MA : Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University : distributed by Harvard University Press, 2004.

  2. The Veda in Kashmir

    Witzel, Michael, 1943-
    Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard University, 2020

    The Veda in Kashmir presents a detailed history and the current state of Veda tradition in Kashmir. It traces the vicissitudes of Vedic texts and rituals and their survival during some 400 years of Muslim rule. The peculiarities of the Sakalya Rgveda, Katha Yajurveda, and Paippalada Atharvaveda texts are discussed in great detail. The rituals from birth to death of the Pandits, the Kashmiri Brahmins, are depicted and explained, including current interpretation. This two-volume work includes a DVD that contains additional texts, rituals, sound recordings, and films taken in 1973 and 1979.

  3. The two oldest Veda manuscripts : facsimile edition of Vājasaneyi-Saṃhitā 1-20 (Saṃhitā- and Padapāṭha) from Nepal and Western Tibet (c. 1150 CE)

    Witzel, Michael, 1943-
    Cambridge, Massachusetts : Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard University, 2018.

    This volume offers unexpected insights into the history of the Veda, the earliest texts of South Asia, and their underlying oral transmission. In side-by-side facsimiles, Michael Witzel and Qinyuan Wu present the two oldest known Veda manuscripts, the Vajasaneyi Samhita of the White Yajurveda and its contemporaneous sister text, a Vajasaneyi Padapatha, recently found in western Tibet. These two manuscripts have retained an unusual style of representing the pitched accents, and their juxtaposition in this edition invites comparison between the oral Veda transmission of a thousand years ago and the recitation still maintained today. Both manuscripts are important testimonies for the history of the Vedas, their medieval transmission, and their first codification in writing. As such, they are of great interest to historians, Indologists, and scholars studying the interface of oral and written traditions.


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