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  1. Workflow patterns : the definitive guide

    Russell, Nick, 1967-
    Cambridge, Massachusetts : MIT Press, [2016] [Piscataqay, New Jersey] : IEEE Xplore, [2016]

    Online IEEE Xplore Digital Library

  2. Production workflow : concepts and techniques

    Leymann, Frank
    Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall PTR ; London : Prentice-Hall International, c2000.

    2175C-9 Implemented properly, workflow products enable companies to reengineer and streamline business processes. In Production Workflow: Concepts and Techniques, two of IBM's leading workflow experts demonstrate structures of production workflow systems and solutions that deliver maximum availability, reliability, and scalability. This start-to-finish, vendor-independent guide brings together best practices from these areas. Coverage includes: *Fundamentals: types of workflows, and relationship with other technologies. *Key elements of a workflow metamodel including its mathematical formalization. *Architecture of production workflow systems. *Relating workflows with transactions and objects. *The role of standards: Workflow Management Coalition and OMG. *Advanced workflow functions and application topologies. *Process-based CASE techniques for development, testing, and maintenance. The authors walk step-by-step through modeling workflows and building workflow-based applications. You'll also learn about the properties of these applications and how appropriate architectures of workflow systems ensure these properties.Whatever your role in workflow and/or reengineering projects, Production Workflow: Concepts and Techniques delivers the specific information you need to achieve results.

  3. Workflow automation : basic concepts of workflow automation in the graphic industry

    Hoffmann-Walbeck, Thomas
    Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2022]

    This book describes basic concepts of workflow automation in the graphic industry. There are three main chapters: Scope of Workflows in the Printing Industry, Production Models, and Metadata Formats. The book does not describe the individual business and production steps for manufacturing a print product. Rather, it describes what kinds of data exchanges are required between management software and devices to make the automatic execution of processes possible. Primary audience is students studying graphic arts technology, practitioners at printing and manufacturing companies, and computer scientists who are interested in workflow-related matters. It is presupposed that the reader is familiar with the basic procedures in the printing industry as well with the fundamental concepts of IT technology.

    Online SpringerLink

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