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  1. The Collection of Presidential Briefing Products from 1961 to 1969 : CIA FOIA (

    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), September 18, 2015 - June 5, 2018

    Portion of the CIA's website which houses a collection of presidential briefing products written during the Kennedy and Johnson presidential administrations. It includes The President’s Intelligence Checklists (PICLs) and The President’s Daily Briefs (PDBs) and contains almost 2,500 documents exclusively written for the president each day except Sunday. The briefings summarized day-to-day intelligence and analysis on national security issues. The collection also includes The President’s Intelligence Review and its replacement, Highlights of the Week, as well as ad hoc supplemental products and annexes that featured topics of presidential interest.

  2. Bizim radyoda Nâzım Hikmet

    Nâzım Hikmet, 1902-1963
    1. basım. - Beyoğlu, İstanbul : TÜSTAV, 2002.

    World politics, 1955-1965; Turkey; politics and government, 1955-1965; comments on; selections.


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