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  1. Evaluation

    Portland, Ore : U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Portland Service Center, 1969


  2. Evaluation

    London : Sage Publications in association with the Tavistock Institute, 1995-

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  3. Evaluation

    [Minneapolis, Program Evaluation Research Center, Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation]

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  1. Digital Humanities

    Stanford Libraries' Digital Humanities collections include print and digital materials on digital humanities scholarship, as well as resources and services to support scholarly approaches that combine computational methods with humanistic inquiry.

  2. Open-access publishing

    this is a page that describes how Stanford Libraries can provide guidance on questions related to open access publishing and scholarship


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  1. Geographic Evaluation Areas

    Napa County Conservation

    Geographic Evaluation Areas used in the Baseline Data Report (BDR).

  2. National Bridge Inventory: United States, 2011

    Lubkin, Samantha, Blades, Doug, United States. Federal Highway Administration, and United States. Bureau of Transportation Statistics

    This point shapefile depicts the more than 600,000 of the United States' bridges located on public roads, including interstate highways, United Sta...

  3. Block-level accessibility data for transit-way evaluation in the Twin Cities metropolitan region] (2019)

    Carlson, Kristin, M and Owen, Andrew

    The data are provided in 20 shapefiles. The shapefiles are segmented by the scenario comparison and the analysis day/time. The fields include the C...

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