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  1. Accra & Ghana south : Cape Coast, Kumasi

    International Travel Maps (Firm)

    Relief on Ghana map shown by contours, gradient tints, and spot heights. Panel title. Accra map representative fraction shows 1:23,000, while Accra...

  2. Vûë et description des forts que les hollandois, anglois et danois ont sur la côte de Guinée : pour l'intelligence du commerce que ces nations font en ce païs-la

    Chatelain, Henri Abraham

    Views of forts belonging to the Dutch, English and Danes on the coast of present-day Ghana; relief shown pictorially. Views: No. 1. Le château S. ...

  3. A guide map of Accra

    Survey of Ghana

    Indexed for points of interest. Oriented with north towards upper right corner.

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