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  1. Seychelles

    Bennett, George
    Oxford, England ; Santa Barbara, Calif. : Clio Press, 1993.

  2. Seychelles

    [Seychelles] : Ministry of Education and Information : Editions ARIS, [1982?]

  3. Seychelles

    London : Her Majesty's Stationery Office,

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  1. Boundary, Seychelles, 2015

    Hijmans, Robert J. and University of California, Berkeley. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

    This polygon shapefile contains the boundary of Seychelles (adm0). This layer is part of the Global Administrative Areas 2015 (v2.8) dataset. Hijma...

  2. Chart of the east coast of Madagascar : including the Mauritius, Seychelle islands &c. : between the latitudes of 2⁰ 30' & 26⁰ 30' S. and the longitudes of 47⁰ & 67⁰ E. from the operations of H.M. ships Leven and Barracouta

    Owen, W. F. W., 1774-1857

    Hydrographic chart of east coast of Madagascar, showing I. Bourbon, Isle of France or Mauritius, Seychelle Archipelago, Rodrigue Island, Amirante I...

  3. Seychelles World Gazetteer Locations, 2006


    Seychelles World Gazetteer Locations is a point theme representing the locations and proper names for map features in Seychelles. The gazetteer inc...

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