Apple corporate history collections

This page gathers archival collections and documentation on the history of Apple Computer, Inc. (later: Apple, Inc.) as a company and collections that document the history of Apple user groups and users.

Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M0825 ACCN 2007-001 HALF BOX 1
This collection contains annual reports, internal communications, corporate communications, engineering reports, manuals, product information, files, catalogs, price lists, Apple publications, human resource information, conference and worshop information, software, hardware, corporate memorabilia, CD's, and cassette tapes.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1007 SERIES 1 BOX 1
Primary archival collection of Apple's history, with ca. 600 linear feet of material.  Use finding aid for detailed information.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1886 FLAT BOX 1
One volume of blueline prints detailing plans completed in 1991 for the Apple R&D Campus, 10700 N. DeAnza Blvd.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » MSS PHOTO 451 SERIES 1 BOX 1
This collection includes many candid photographs of events and staff at Apple and NeXT, as well as numerous shots of individuals such as Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and John Sculley.
Special Collections » University Archives » SC0504 BOX 1
This collection includes correspondence with Steve Jobs.
San Jose (Calif.) : Mercury News, December 30, 2011.
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection: request at Special Collections service desk » MISC 1773
Newspaper article on the large collection of Apple historical materials at Stanford University, based on interviews with Henry Lowood and Leslie Berlin 
Special Collections » Manuscript Collection » M1864 HALF BOX 1
This small collection consists of biographical material collected by Henry Lowood after Jobs' death on October 5, 2011.