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Bibliography of Sexuality Studies in Latin America

"In 1997 Donna J. Guy and I published a bibliography of sexuality studies on Latin America in our edited book Sex and Sexuality in Latin America (New York University Press, 1997), including studies in a wide variety of fields. This bibliography was updated for the Spanish edition of that book, Sexo y sexualidades en América Latina (Paidos, Buenos Aires, 1998); that version included a number of items that had come to our attention after we turned in the book to NYU. Interestingly, the number of publications in Latin America (and in Spanish and Portuguese) increased in that brief period, and continues to increase. Adán Griego has added his own bibliography and has agreed to maintain it and keep it current. The bibliography that follows is based on the previous ones but has the advantage of not being fixed in time."  —— Daniel Balderston, 1999

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This bibliographic list is organized alphabetically by author, or by title in a few cases where no specific author appears. The complete bibliography is available on PDF at 83 pages & 1.173MB.

Celebrating Mexico: The Grito de Dolores and the Mexican Revolution 1810 | 1910 | 2010

Celebrating Mexico: The Grito de Dolores and the Mexican Revolution 1810 / 1910 / 2010 was an exhibition which took place from September 2010 to January 2011 in the Peterson Gallery & Munger Rotunda of Green Library, Stanford University, and concurrently at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. The exhibitions, which showcased the extensive Mexican collections at both institutions, commemorated the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, two critical periods in Mexico's struggle for sovereignty and the self-determination of its peoples. 

On this website we provide information about the exhibition and the catalogue created for this special occasion, and we have the opportunity to showcase some of the materials in the Stanford University Libraries' collections that indeed celebrate Mexico, from the Grito de Dolores to the Mexican Revolution and beyond.

California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group (CALAFIA)

The California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group, better known as Calafia, is a consortium of California libraries. Calafia enjoys the support and strength of the libraries at Stanford University, the University of California System, and the University of Southern California. The combined Latin American holdings of the Calafia group number more than one million volumes and are surpassed only by the Library of Congress’ Latin American Studies Collection.