Request digital access

The Archive of Recorded Sound provides reproductions of sound recordings and scans of physical documents available in its collections in accordance with U.S. copyright law and Stanford University Libraries policy. Patrons requesting duplication services should be specific about the subject, scope, and purpose of their request. In some cases, written permission from the copyright holder or trustee may be required. All duplication requests must be submitted via an official request form wherein the requester agrees to comply with the “fair use” provisions of the U.S. copyright law.

Up to 8 duplications per 30 days with streaming access are provided free of charge in support of research; exceptions for requests of more than 8 items may be granted with a submitted research need justification.

Priority is given to Stanford requests, with all others being completed on a time-available basis.  

The Archive does not duplicate recordings from or for a patron’s private collection.

Audio transfers are supplied as CD quality .wav files (44.1kHz) with the exception of spoken word recordings which are provided as .m4a files (160 Kbps). Files are delivered as individually accessible streaming access to patrons via Box. Also included with each transfer are images of the original audio carrier, e.g disc labels on a 78 rpm disc.