Models from the Architectural Design Program

Spring 2013

The models on display in this exhibition were made for a variety of studio courses offered by the Architectural Design Program. In each ten-week-long architecture studio, students design a building for a specific program brief and physical site. Projects are assigned and critiqued by instructors who are practicing architects at local firms of all different types and sizes.

These models--conceptual, study, and final--are both representations of ideas and tools for evaluating and advancing designs. Concept models capture what the essence of a building might be. Study models reveal the quality of space created by a particular form, how it reacts to its surroundings, and how it could be revised. Final models are the expression of that revised idea as it exists at the end of the ten-week studio.

This collection of models exposes the act of model-making as a means to an end--a way to strengthen a project and carry it to its conclusion--as well as an end in itself.

Embarcadero Residential Skyscraper / Roger Tran and Jacob Schaffert
Embarcadero Residential Skyscraper / Jane Lin and Laura Benard
Stanford Arts Quad / Anran Li and Julia Schubach
Structural Design / Jane Lin and Jacob Schaffert
Embarcadero Concert Hall / Toby Newman, Roger Tran, Julia Schubach
Experiential Passageway / Nick Xu
The Cube / (artist unknown)
Embarcadero Residential Skyscraper / Roger Tran and Jacob Schaffert
Palo Alto Museum and Zoo / Jacob Schaffert
Experiential Passageway / Nick Xu
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