Parker on the Web - Version 1.4 Release Announcement

December 14, 2011
Catherine A. Aster

We're pleased to announce the release of Version 1.4 of Parker on the Web, the fourth incremental site release since the launch of Version 1.0 in Fall 2009.

Version 1.4 constitutes the most substantial corrective content release to date. More than 500 additional image reshoots are now integrated into the site, along with a host of sequencing corrections -- which have impacted 151 manuscripts (27 per cent of the online collection). The reshoots either replace existing images with better quality versions, or provide images for selected manuscript pages that had been previously overlooked for digitization. This brings the images to a state of 99 per cent or better accuracy across the total of over 200,000 images. Corrections to manuscript descriptions, summaries and bibliography are also incorporated in this release. Along with these content corrections, approximately 100 new bibliographic citations have been added to the site as well.

This release constituted a significant technical challenge requiring numerous QC passes and analysis of image rendering problems for the web application. JP2 derivatives were generated by DLSS of the Cambridge-produced TIFF reshoot masters, but JPEGs were consistently not being rendered from the JP2s due to an unsupported bit depth error. Pair the resolution of this problem along with the complex interleaving and replacement of selected images -- along with detailed sequence file corrections -- and you have a set of interlocking issues that required lots of time and attention to detail to resolve.

Kudos for a job well done to Chris Jesudurai, Doris Cheung and Tony Calavano, along with Suzanne Paul from Corpus Christi College. A great team effort!