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Source code available for Argo and dor-services

July 12, 2012

DLSS has released the source code for two of its library infrastructure projects:

Argo, Stanford's administrative "hydra head" for Fedora, provides a viewing, reporting and administrative interface for objects in a Fedora repository. It is also coupled with Stanford's lightweight and engine-free workflow system ("WorkDo") to provide a workflow visualization and control mechanism. WorkDo is a Hydra- and Fedora-compatible system that chains small scripts "robots" and microservices into complex processes to complete both human- and machine-based task flows.

dor-services is a Ruby gem that exposes Stanford’s Fedora-based Digital Object Registry (DOR) services and content models to both Hydra and non-Hydra processes. In addition to functional access to DOR’s Registration, Workflow, Identifier, Search, Metadata, Digital Stacks, and Preservation Ingest services, the dor-services library also defines a number of discrete modules that can be mixed into Hydra object models to extend their functionality. Each module is named according to a salient characteristic that it imparts to a digital object, and defines both object methods (what the object can do) as well as expectations (what metadata the object needs to provide) in order to properly represent that characteristic.