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Coming changes to the website

August 6, 2013
Ray Heigemeir
"Green plant in its pot in three different phases of growth" by palomaironique

The library website continues to grow, and with growth comes change. We are happy to announce that early next week some high priority changes to the site's architecture will go live.

Collections pages:

  • Collections will now be featured on the top menu, with Collecting areas and Notable collections pages now accessible from a single landing page. We have always wanted to make our collections a prominent part of our online presence; this solution is simple and effective. Stay tuned for more information on creating these two new page types.

SUL screenshot 

Branch sites:

  • Library branches that have both About (soon to be called At a glance) and home pages (i.e., microsites) will see these two elements of the branch's online presence more intuitively integrated through the use of horizontal tabs at the tob of a single page. See our previous blog entry for more discussion of this change.

  • The Libraries page will provide clear links to both microsites and At-glance-pages.

Research support:

  • The research support menu will be reduced to three items: Research services, Course guides, and Topic guides.

Heading styling:

  • The scale and colors of the headings will be changed to make them more distinct from one another and from the main text.

The aim of all of these changes is to make the use of our site more intuitive and more simple, while allowing for its continued growth. Your feedback regarding these changes is welcome! Please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page.