New Collections Added to Stanford Digital Repository in August 2013

October 9, 2013
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In August, approximately 68,000, files representing nearly 600 items were accessioned into the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR). These materials include -- but are not limited to -- items from the correspondence from Athanasius Kircher, Stanford historical photographs, and the journal of the Gorilla Foundation.


Poetry and Spoken Word: A Reading with the Editors and Authors of a New Independent Literary Journal

A video recording of Poetry and Spoken Word: A Reading with the Editors and Authors of a New Independent Literary Journal, As/Us. This event took place in the Bender Room, Green Library, Stanford University on May 20th, 2013.  The event featured Regina Lee Roberts as moderator and Cherríe Moraga as a special guest discussant.
Added to SDR: 1 video
Collection Contact: Jonathan Manton

Gorilla -- The Gorilla Foundation's Annual Journal

The Gorilla Foundation was established in 1976 and is best known for its groundbreaking work with two western lowland gorillas, Koko and Michael, who learned to use a variant of American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with caregivers and others in their environment. As the publication of the Gorilla Foundation, this publication contains close-up photos and articles about Koko, Michael and Ndume — the only gorillas in the world who have been given the benefit of 2-way communication with humans. Some of the articles are scientific in nature, others focus on gorilla conservation or care, and there are always special sections that display interspecies dialogues, word for word. This publication covers the status of gorillas worldwide, as well as those in the Gorilla Foundation's care.
Added to SDR: 50 journals, consisting of approximately 3000 pages
Collection Contact: Henry Lowood

Kitai Topographical Maps

This collection of 1,600 Russian military sheet maps of China at a scale of 1:200,000 represents about 3,600 images as the maps were scanned front and back.
Added to SDR: 3 maps
Collection Contact: Jane Ingalls and G. Salim Mohammed

Maps - Stanford General Collections

These are maps that are from Stanford's general map collections held at the Branner Earth Sciences Library, which includes approximately 300,000 sheets. The DLSS Map Digitization Lab regularly scans maps from the general collection to facilitate research and scholarly access.
Added to SDR: 124 additional maps
Collection Contact: Jane Ingalls and G. Salim Mohammed

Gaihozu Maps

Two additional "Gaihozu Maps" depicting Japan and territories outside of Japan (referred to as "Gaihozu") were added to SDR . Created between the Meiji era and the end of WWII, this collection is part of a world-wide effort to preserve this historically and scientifically important set of materials. More information about this collection is available in The Stanford University Libraries Newsletter. Branner Library holds around 10,000 of these maps. This is a continuation of the digitization efforts for this collection.  For more information, please see the article on the Gaihozu maps in ReMix: The Stanford University Libraries Newsletter.
Added to SDR: 2 additional maps
Collection Contact: Jane Ingalls and G. Salim Mohammed

Stanford Historical Photograph Collection

The Stanford Photograph Collection contains over 16,000 images of Stanford scenes including photographs of and relating to the Stanford family, views of the campus and individual buildings, photographs of students and student life activities, and photographs of faculty and administrative staff. The majority of photographs are black and white gelatin prints but nineteenth-century albumen prints mounted on boards are also represented. The collection spans the late 1890s through the 1990s.
Added to SDR: 40 additional photos
Collection Contact: Daniel Hartwig

The Correspondence of Athanasius Kircher

The Athanasius Kircher correspondence project was created with the goal of making the manuscript correspondence of Athanasius Kircher available on the Internet. The project was commenced through the collaboration of the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza in Florence, the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and the European University Institute in Fiesole, under the direction of Michael John Gorman and Nick Wilding. Since September 2000, the project has been rehoused at Stanford University.
Added to SDR: 14 volumes of correspondence, containing approximately 15,000 images
Collection Contact: Glen Worthey and Jacqueline Hettel

Jarndyce Single-Volume Nineteenth-Century Novel Collection

The nineteenth-century novel is one of the key areas of research and teaching for the English Department at Stanford, with many faculty and graduate students concentrating on this genre and time period. The Study for the Center of the Novel, which generates much dynamic discussion and scholarship on the form, came about due to the intense engagement with this seminal form at Stanford. The single-volume novel, of the type represented in this collection from Jarndyce, was a precursor to the form of the twentieth-century novel and novella.
Added to SDR: 7 novels, consisting of approximately 9,700 pages

The Musical Acoustics Research Library (MARL)

MARL consists of an extensive collection of files compiled by or about many of the most prominent acousticians of our time. MARL was collected by the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) in conjunction with the Catgut Acoustical Society and several acousticians. The vast majority of the library content is available only in hardcopy form and requires scholars to make arrangements to visit Special Collections to view materials. This is part of an ongoing digitization effort of MARL materials.
Added to SDR: 1 item, consisting of 20 images
Collection Contact: Jerry McBride

Revs Digital Library

In August the Revs Digitai Library made further progress in it's ongoing efforts to ensure access and preservation of materials from the Revs Institute and the Revs Program at Stanford. The Institute, which is focused on the scholarly study of the automotive history, houses a library with over a million automobile-related items, including images, research books, ephemera, and specialized documents. The Revs Program at Stanford was established to promote a new trans-disciplinary field connecting the past, present and future of the automobile. More information is available in our blog post about the Revs Digital Library. The items added in the month of August are a continuation of the digitization efforts for this collection.
Added to SDR: 2 photos
Collection Contact: Scott George

State Legislative Rules

Any analysis of a law making body, be it Congress, a state legislature, or city council, requires one to have access to the body’s rules of procedure. The rules are the guide to how laws are created (or not). Researching legislative intent, knowing why a bill did or did not pass, is a very standard research question. The goal of this project is twofold; support research at Stanford University and make core legislative materials from Stanford's collection accessible online. These rules were scanned from the State Legislative Journals, Manuals, and Handbooks thus making it easier to conduct text mining and other research on this particular legislative publication type.
Added to SDR: 85 Objects, consisting of approximately 11,000 images
Collection Contact: Kris Kasianovitz

Inclusion in the Stanford Digital Repository ensures that these materials are available to researchers and scholars (while upholding appropriate access restrictions), now and in the future through a secure, sustainable stewardship environment. While many of these objects are already discoverable via SearchWorks others will get SearchWorks records in the coming months. All materials are currently available via the item’s PURL (a persistent URL which ensure that these materials are available from a single URL over the long-term, regardless of changes in file location or application technology).

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