SDR Deposit of the Week: New collection of theses in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies

March 27, 2014
Regina Lee Roberts
Art by Kimi Tanabe

The Program in Feminist Studies at Stanford has been around since 1981, but in 2013 the program officially changed its name to the Program in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies in order to be more inclusive of the broader range of scholarship related to gender and sexuality research. For the history of this name change, please see the story in "Gender News". Apropos of the name change, 2013 also marks the first year that the program's undergraduate honors theses have been archived as digital files in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).

These papers truly reflect the program's goal of inclusiveness. The content covered in this collection is diverse, analytical and creative. Topics range from Bengali Muslim women writers and leaders to a post-colonial analysis of racialized biases mapped onto a critique of a text on zoophilia, to a memoir of recovery from an eating disorder, to an ethnography of gay Catholic men. These papers use a variety of methodologies and highlight the strengths of Stanford's teaching and learning. This collection includes ephemera material used by the students to present their work. Four out of the six theses are now available online. (The two that are not yet deposited await author permissions for dissemination.) For past honors theses, which are currently only available in print, please see the following Searchworks record, Stanford University, Program in Feminist Studies, honors theses, 1988-2009.

The Program Director for Feminists Gender and Sexuality Studies is Christine Min Wotipka and the Associate Director is Patti Hanlon-Baker. For more information about the program and doing an honors thesis please see the program's websiteCurrently, there are 8 students working on an honors thesis for 2014. This spring, I will lead a demo for these students on using the SDR self-deposit tool in order to continue building this online collection.  

This assemblage marks the sixth undergraduate honors theses collection that has been added to SDR. The Stanford University Libraries are actively planning for future years of deposits, as well as collecting honors theses from other disciplines across the Stanford campus. For information and guidance, please see the Stanford Digital Repository information page


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